Intranet/Internet Design

Connect Your Intranet/Internet Services:
We’ll design your Novell, Linux, or Windows network for you. Heterogeneous networks are no problem, whether it’s a SAMBA Fileserver on a Linux or Windows network, or a Novell Fileserver using Windows clients, we can help.

Do you need Internet access with Mailservers, FTP servers, Internet Proxy, or News services for your company? Tell us what you need and we’ll provide a plan adapted to your particular business needs. If it has to do with network analysis, planning, installation, and system care, we are your IT partner with the answer.

Web Application Designs:
Is your business ready to join the world of the Internet? Looking for a well designed web site that delivers high return? Need a server application for use with cross-platform browser clients using dynamic web pages that provide the highest of impact? No problem. We have the know-how in Web Design using the latest developments in cgi, Java, JavaScript, and database binding