Software Development 

We use the following languages in software development:

  • C, C++, VisualBasic, ASP.NET, Access, Assembler, VB-Basic, PCI-Basic.
  • Step 5 for Simatic S5
  • Variant Configuration with SAP

We develop the following types of applications:

  • Variant Configuration with SAP.
  • Database applications.
  • Controller systems for CNC-Machines
  • Commodity management and purchasing 
  • Modules for CAD (CADdy) API-Interfaces for SolidWorks
  • Other applications as required to meet your specific requirements

Your Advantage is Our Philosphy:

  • Structured Programmierung
  • Windows Standard
  • Backed by years of experience in networking, database design, technical diagraming, printers, PC hardware, interrupt control, interfaces, and supplementary devices
  • User-specific software design, no generic programs 
  • We merge available components into your software design for better performance and portability
  • We adapt programs and their functionality to the user, not the user to the program
  • Detailed documentation and assistance provided. We will be there for you.