About Us

Ingenieurbüro H E N D E R K E S was founded in March 1990 as Henderkes Hard- und Software Entwicklung by its owner, Mr. Frank Henderkes. In 1996, the business assumed its new identity under the name Ingenieurbüro H E N D E R K E S. Since November 1st, 1998, the business has been run by Mr. Henderkes.

postal address:
Ingenieurbüro HENDERKES
Obere Hammerwiese 2
93164 Laaber-Eisenhammer
Phone: +49 9498 - 90 43 53


+49 9498 - 90 43 54
Cellphone: +49 171 - 99 34 454
E-Mail: info(at)

Ust-IdNr: DE 133613470

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