Schematic Design

Ingenieurbüro Henderkes uses Rascal-Redac's CADSTAR Schematic Capture Software to design schematics for your business. Advantages of use of this program include: 

  • Direct connectivity transfer to CADSTAR PCB.
  • One touch schematic conversions.
  • No connection errors on the circuit board.
  • Schematics remain 100% consistent with circuit board.
  • Back Annotation from CADSTAR PCB to CADSTAR Schematic Capture.
  • Part list for schematics provided.
  • Schematic logic checks.
  • No redundant component naming.
  • IC-Tester transfer.

For your convenience, our schematics plot to DIN A3 forms.

Upon request, Ingenieurbüro Henderkes provides technical consultation and engineer support to assist in your development.